Colorectal Cancer Screening

Colorectal Cancer Screening

Colorectal Cancer Screening in Lawrenceville, GAColorectal cancer screening service is the number one priority & commitment of the GDC Endoscopy Center LLC. Our center is specially designed & equipped to accommodate colorectal cancer screening & polyps removal. The excellence &  the quality of screening colonoscopy procedures are assessed by adenoma detection rate (pre-cancer growths), colonoscopy withdrawal time (during which the specialist carefully examines for the adenoma and cancer), cecal intubation rate (reached the entire length of the colon) & complications ( death, bleeding, and perforation). An independent quality improvement study performed at our center showed that adenoma detection rate is 30% compared to national average of  25%. Our average colonoscopy withdrawal time is 12 minutes compared to a minimum standard requirement of 6 minutes. Dr. Indrakrishnan has performed more than 30,000 procedures and never had a perforation or excess bleeding requiring surgery or blood transfusions at our center. His mortality rate with the procedure is zero. 

Dr. Indrakrishnan, because of his passion in the prevention of colon cancer & meticulous skills frequently finds colon polyps & cancers missed by previous colonoscopies at other institutions. Mr. Steven Sadolti, a colorectal cancer survivor who received the colorectal cancer awareness month proclamation from Georgia Governor this year is an example. He was referred to Dr. Indrakrishnan for a second opinion within few months after a " normal " colonoscopy in the neighborhood and was found to have an advanced colon cancer in a difficult spot. He was declared cured after undergoing aggressive treatment. 

The Endoscopy center staff closely work with the patients with customized instructions to ensure that they are adequately cleaned out for better visualization. Billing dept. is vigilant with insurance companies and work with them for complete coverage of the colon cancer screening as a preventive measure.

The Founder & the Medical  Director,  Dr. Indrakrishnan, has a vested interest in the prevention of colorectal cancer and is on the Board of Directors of Fight  Colorectal Cancer, a nonprofit national colorectal cancer patients advocacy organization. In 2013, Dr. Indrakrishnan was invited to ring the NASDAQ opening bell along with the Fight Colorectal Cancer Board to increase the awareness of colorectal cancer and to honor the organization. In December of 2015, Dr. Indrakrishnan wrote an editorial article on colorectal cancer titled “Are you wearing the right Genes?- From Molecule to public health” on E-Cronicon Gastroenterology & Digestive system, an International scientific Journal which was well received by the scientists across the globe. He was one of the conveners of the successful Sunidhi Chauhan concert  which raised $250,000.00 to help and increase the awareness of common cancers which include colorectal cancer. Governor Nathan Deal  has been declaring proclamation as March as the colorectal cancer awareness month at the request of Dr. Indrakrishnan on behalf of  Fight Colorectal Cancer Organization. 

Dr Indrakrishnan is currently working with legislators in Washington DC & Georgia to enact a bill which will require the insurance companies to cover the cost of colon cancer screening  as a preventive measure  for African American population starting at the age of 40 compared to the current standard age of 50. The studies have shown African Americans are at a higher risk for developing colorectal cancer & polyps at a much younger age well before 50.


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