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GDC Endoscopy Center, LLC is a Georgia State and Medicare licensed ambulatory surgical center  specializing in providing the highest quality gastrointestinal endoscopy services to our patients in Gwinnett and surrounding counties. Our center is accredited by the Accreditation Association  of Ambulatory Healthcare  ( AAAHc) . At our Endoscopy Center, you will receive personalized attention from caring and highly skilled team of specailly  trained healthcare personnel who strive to meet and maintain the highest standard of care. GDC Endoscopy center has been providing excellent digestive healthcare services for over a decade. It is in the forefront of clinical integration initiatives with ongoing & active programs designed to promote quality, cost containment and community outreach.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be recognized as the highest quality, cost effective patient care provider and employer of choice in our specialty. By providing service, commitment, value, safety, and caring as our goals to promote wellness to our customers at GDC Endoscopy Center, LLC. Our goal is to eliminate expensive hospitalization whenever possible, permitting the patients to recover from procedures in comfortable and familiar surroundings of their own home. We provide upper Endoscopy & colonoscopy services to the patients from Gwinnett and the surrounding counties of Greater Atlanta.

Why Choose GDC Endoscopy Center?

Our Endoscopy center is able to provide high quality procedures at a lower cost than hospitals. Medicare’s contracted payment with our facility is much less than that of hospitals. As such correspondingly the co payment by you will also be less. Most commercial insurances follow the Medicare’s contracted rates & you can potentially save lots of money The HHS survey data reports that  the quality of care provided in an endoscopy center is equal to or better than comparable care provided in a hospital because of the infrequency of complications and infections. Other reasons our  endoscopy center  is  the perfect fit for you includes convenient scheduling, reliable service, and a high level of professionalism. Of the survey participants who had procedures performed at our  endoscopy center, 99% reported they were satisfied with their experience. We offer a number of scheduling options, including early morning appointments to meet specific needs. Your procedure is never bumped by an emergency case as we never do such cases at our center.

Our center offers a comfortable environment with a highly trained, very experienced staff that is specifically trained to diagnosis and treats gastrointestinal (GI) diseases and focused on offering personalized patient care. Also, we serve endoscopy procedures strictly to the patients who are otherwise relatively healthy and as such it’s less likely for someone else's illness to become yours. Your anesthesia & well being are continuously monitored by board certified & licensed Anesthetists. We use Propofol for anesthesia  which makes your procedures genuinely &  totally pain free! In addition you will receive the care in a very private, friendly & cozy atmosphere with less paper work. Our Staff speaks many languages including but not limited to Spanish, Korean Bosnian and   Romanian.

Please feel free to read the testimonials from our own patients in the web site. Some of them have graciously given us permission to use their real names & contact information so that you can talk to them about our center. 


Gwinnett Digestive Clinic, PC
475 Philip Blvd , Suite 304
Lawrenceville, GA 30046
Phone: 678-377-8252
Fax: 770-274-1025

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